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Dear Clients, team has prepared for you stunning news! Starting this month, we are expanding the pool of available crypto-tools, providing you with fresh opportunities to make money in the fast-growing market. We are pleased to provide you with the list of coins that will supplement our toolkit.

Ripple is a coin that is of particular interest to banking systems due to high speed of transactions and low commission, which explains its significant growth and rapid advancement to the top positions in the list of cryptocurrencies. However, unlike Bitcoin, Ripple does not use traditional block technology, which excludes it from the group of coins alternative to the major crypto-coin. Currently Ripple takes an honourable 3rd place in the list of the most popular cryptocurrencies, while its capitalization is 44 billion US dollars.

BitCoin Cash and Ethereum Classic are the younger brothers of crypto-giants, which appeared after hard forks. It is their kinship with the largest cryptocurrencies, which provided them with competitive technologies and as a consequence - investors' interest.

IOTA is a coin that was developed in 2015 to integrate into the world of "Internet of Things", and after launch immediately took the top places in the list of the most popular cryptocurrencies. The main feature of this altcoin is the high speed of transactions, lack of commission and simplicity of the concept, where users also perform the role of miners. Thus, in order to make a transaction you will need to confirm two other money transfers, which in turn eliminates the need for miners. This coin takes close positions to the top 10 of the world's largest cryptocurrencies, however, periodically entering this list.

Monero is a coin, which, according to the developers, has the most advanced protection in terms of anonymity of transactions. The main emphasis of this altcoin is on the maximum anonymity and encryption of your transactions. Like IOTA, Monero remains in close proximity to the top 10 of the world’s largest crypto-currencies with the market capitalization of about 5 billion US dollars.

EOS, NEO and OMNI are less popular altcoins of Bitcoin and Ethereum, however, they occupy high positions in the list of major cryptocurrencies, and also have their own unique technological solutions.

All these currencies will supplement the toolkit and will be offered in pairs with Bitcoin, US dollar and Euro. The full list of 35 available crypto-tools of you can find here.

Also we want to acquaint you with the changes made in trading conditions for crypto-assets:

The Min Lot for pairs with LTC, DSH and ETH was decreased from 1 to 0.1.

The Min Lot for pairs with EMC was decreased from 10 to 1.

Moreover, we would like to remind you that provides cryptocurrency trading for 3 years, and during this period we managed to create a number of advantages of using digital cash in Therefore, you can use one of the most beneficial payment systems in - Bitcoin, with 0 BTC commission when depositing and only 0.001 BTC when withdrawing funds. Adding to this, you will be able to open trading accounts with the base currency in the most popular cryptocurrencies, and use services without additional conversion, which makes the use of digital cash in even more convenient and beneficial.

If you have any additional questions regarding the use of cryptocurrencies in, contact our consultants for full information on your issue.

We hope to see you soon in the ranks of successful crypto-traders of!

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