ECN spread statistics from for July 2018

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Having vast experience in the industry and properly placed priorities, team has managed to develop an optimal business model, which allows us to concentrate on providing the best service on the FX-field. ECN-model, implemented in, implies that all our clients receive the highest quality of services with maximum transparency, as does not earn on its customers, but with its customers. It is the ECN-technology that limits brokers’ intervention in trading process and excludes the conflict of interests, while allowing us to provide the best trading conditions available in the market. Therefore, we are always glad to cooperate with clients, who use high-tech trading strategies, such as arbitrage, scalping or any other EA based trading methods.

Moreover, the team always pays special attention to the quality of its trading conditions, as we understand that it is the main indicator of the competitiveness of any broker. And now we would like to draw your attention to our average spreads for the previous month, which fully reflect the quality of our services.

Average spreads for July 2018:

(June’18 spreads are shown in brackets)

EUR/USD –  0.3 (0.3)GBP/USD – 0.7 (0.8)
USD/JPY – 0.7 (0.8)USD/CHF – 0.6 (0.7)
EUR/GBP – 0.9 (0.8)EUR/JPY – 0.9 (1.0)
EUR/CHF – 0.9 (0.9) AUD/USD – 0.8 (0.7)
USD/CAD – 0.8 (0.7)NZD/USD – 0.8 (0.7) helps you to make money - ECN commission is only 1$. Try out our ECN trading accounts with improved commission at!

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